Note: Etude Studio is full for the 2018-2019 school year; if you’re interested in being placed on a waitlist, please contact me at

this is how we roll...

Teaching Style: Each student is taught not only how to play the piano proficiently, but to be a well-rounded musician. Everyone has a unique learning style, and the curriculum is tailored to match those needs without compromising in any area of musicianship. The curriculum includes aural (ear) training, music theory, composing, sight reading, and musical expression. Each lesson is also fun! We play music games, composing activities, and play hard while we work hard (yes, even if you're an adult student). Music is a skill, but an exciting one, and lessons reflect the balance between creativity, fun, and hard work that makes playing the piano so rewarding. 

Student Age: Students of every age and learning stage are welcome! Students under the age of 6 are taken on a case-by-case basis (children are ready to take music lessons from the age of 2; however, their attention span and finger dexterity prevents them from being able to get the full benefit of piano lessons. General music classes that focus on rhythm, melody, and music fundamentals are a great way to get them geared up for lessons once they're a little older!).

Tuition: Tuition is due on the first week of every month. Tuition is $22/lesson, and lesson time, time and resources spent preparing for your student's lesson, etc. Books are purchased separately and are the responsibility of the student.

Location: Our home studio is located in Boise, near State Street and Glenwood.  

what others are saying…

“My daughter already had a desire to learn music, but Amanda’s enthusiasm and love for music made Katie fall in love with the piano. She learned so much in regards to theory and technical playing, and has a strong foundation that has carried her on into college - she is still playing piano and practicing even now that she’s away from home! I would definitely recommend Amanda, not only for her skill in teaching, but because of her care for her students and their success.” - Cindy G.

“Amanda is just amazing with kids; her passion is kids and music, and she loves to teach. She really has a gift!” - Alaynia K.